The World’s 1st Commemorative NFTs & Dedicated Metaverse
Remember forever the ones you loved that are no longer here with us today
Your key to Remember Metaverse
Memorial Stone
Each Memorial Stone is an original, delicately crafted artwork that provides you with a unique way to celebrate the story of your loved one.

Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, each commemorative Memorial Stone NFT will stand proud in your chosen location throughout the mesmeric Remember Metaverse.

Your Memorial Stone also serves as a key to your personal Memorial Hall, where you may keep, curate and cherish the memories of your loved ones.

Public Sale (Phase 0)
December 9, 2021 02:00 UTC
Minting NOW
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    Store your cherished memories
    Memorial Hall
    Here, within the hallowed walls of Memorial Hall, you may safely store and display every magical memory of your loved one.

    Memorial Hall welcomes all formats of cherished memory - from text, imagery and video to sounds and 3D objects.

    The owner of each Memorial Stone has the power to decide who they wish to commemorate, the types of memory they wish to display within Memorial Hall, and who they wish to invite to share in their memories.

    coming soon in 2022
    For the people we loved
    Remember Metaverse
    Wander through timeless tributes to inspiring souls, elevated yet not forgotten...

    The Remember Metaverse is a rolling virtual expanse crafted with passion, a truly special space for you to keep and relive the memories of those who have passed or will pass before we do.

    This wonderful digital world consists of multiple unique places where distinct collections of Memorial Stones may be located.
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    Recognize the remembered
    Memorial Flower
    Commemorate your dearest with Memorial Flowers that you may lay on proud display within the grounds of Memorial Hall.

    A shining tribute to the legacy of your loved ones, Memorial Flowers are free to mint.

    Remember is an ongoing, ever-growing project devoted to building an everlasting virtual memorial park.
    It is our honor to present a digital landscape for you to wander with family and friends as you share in the special memories of those who have passed.
    Memorial Flower NFT
    November 2021
    During our pre-launch phase, we present "Bouquet: Eternal" - the first of our FREE-to-mint Memorial Flowers. These exquisitely crafted digital flower artworks can be used to engage with Memorial Hall and commemorate loved ones within the Remember Metaverse.
    Launch Roadmap
    Q4 2021
    You will soon have the capability to mint your very own Memorial Stone in honor of a loved one. The official minting launch date will be announced soon via our social channels - ensure you are subscribed to be first to hear about it.
    Downloadable 3D files
    Q1 2022
    All Memorial Stone owners will have the opportunity to download high-quality 3D files of their respective Memorial Stones. With full compatibility for cross-platform usage, it is possible for your beautiful Memorial Stones and the memories they represent to be shared far and wide.
    Entering the Metaverse
    Q1 2022
    With proceeds from the Memorial Stone sales, we will purchase digital properties across various metaverses (Decentraland, Sandbox, many more to be confirmed) and create Memorial Parks for your commemorative artworks to be visited and appreciated by all.
    Remember Web Viewer launch
    Q2 2022
    Memorial Stone owners will be able to upload images and biographies of their loved ones onto their respective Memorial Stones. Our innovative web viewer will make this a simple process, as well as provide a means for community users to engage with one another.
    Remember Metaverse Launch
    Q4 2022
    The Remember Metaverse is a massive, ethereal metaverse designed to celebrate the souls of our loved ones and ensure they live on forever. Each Memorial Stone serves as a key to a personalized Memorial Hall, decorated with memories in whatever way its owner wishes.
    Memorial Hall Expansion
    Q2 2023
    We plan to integrate various engaging functionalities for users to explore within their Memorial Halls. You will have the power to add memories of all kinds (images, videos, music, texts, 3D objects etc.) in remembrance of your loved one. We will also look to our valued community to receive and act on requests for additional unique features to help celebrate loved ones.
    PR & Media
    The Remember Collective
    Our team is dedicated to creating the metaverse’s best commemoration experience. Follow, like, and subscribe to our project on Twitterand Discord to support us and be first to hear of every exciting project update.
    Designers & Artists
    DeTA - 3D Designer
    HoBBang - Technical Artist
    Pete - Illustrator
    DEV & Management
    mdma - Project Lead, Lead Developer
    Dan H. - Creative Lead, Business Development
    Mr. Treehouse - Community Lead, Frontend Developer
    Zorba - Marketing Lead, Solidity Developer
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